Saturday, January 21, 2012

Da nile

For the past few weeks we have done a terrible job of posting on our blog. We claimed that we had been busy with holiday travel and then I had to study for the GRE so that's why blogging came to a standstill. The truth is we took a vacation to Africa and for the last several weeks we've been taking a loooong swim in da Nile

Yes, we're busy and it's been hard to fit in blogging, but the bigger reason that we haven't been blogging is because we've really sucked at making substantial progress with our training. Anyone can understand why it's been hard to fit in training. Yes, travel and studying had to take president on a few days. But that doesn't excuse the days that we do ANY physical activity because it was... Cold. Working is also no excuse for missing many workouts. It's not like my (Monica) life is so full of paperwork and grading that I can't at least go out on a half hour run instead of watching bad TV. More importantly, we have been bowing out of our weekly long ride too many weeks in a row. Yea, i did bow out gracefully while i was studying for the GRE, but last week we were just too lazy. Sadly, I think we might continue that this week because it sleeted last night so the roads suck.
Even our running is at a standstill. Running once or twice a week is simply not enough for good training. We even thought signing up for a marathon might motivate us, but we were too late--all the slots were full for the feasible options.
So now we are faces with our own motivation. Why are we doing this? I remember Ben going through some highs and lows in his training too. We have to reflect on what the ironman really means to us and reevaluate our training. While its cold out we either have to harden up or be creative. This does not mean that there will be an update after every run, ride, or swim, but we will try to update at least once a week as a constant reminder of our progress.

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