Here are the pictures from Haines City.  Maybe someday I'll figure out how to make them an album, but for now, its just one big long post:

I love Palm Trees!!
Maybe it wasn't the greatest pool,
but it was nice to relax instead of take laps for once!

Lake Eva was more than welcoming to the Half Ironman
Pre-race!  Just a little nervous!

Our number one fan!
Lake Eva looks like glass!  Open water swim was a piece of cake!
racking my bike
bringing the bike to transition area 
transition area

Ironman 70.3 Village

We're finished!  Yes, I know the hat was a bad look

Posing with Barbara after the finish

Post-race chow!

Thanks for coming Liz and Drew!

Sorry Drew, someone had to take the picture ;)

 Check out Brian and my finisher pics here.  Just type in Forquer!