Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Faster than a pit bull!

That's right!  I really am... well, not initially, but definitely after a mile or so :)

Last week, our friend, Rachel, got the sad news that her grandfather had passed away. So Jonah, her husband, called and asked if we could take Cordie for the weekend again.  Of course our answer was yes!  If you're just now starting to read, Cordie was Ben's pit bull, and our friends, Jonah and Rachel, adopted her when Ben passed away. (Read Ben's blog about his dog here)  Cordie is possibly the best pit bull you have ever met.  In fact, she is just below Franklin as one of my favorite dogs.  I think she likes me too.  Scratch that, I think she LOOOOOVVVVEESSS me.
Cordie trying to get me to rub her belly

While Jonah and Rachel were away the last time, she was just fine when she got to our house.  She did pee in our house while we were away, but she has lately been having anxiety issues, so I knew that was just part of it.  Plus we were gone for about 5 hours each trip so an accident was not too shocking.  Cordie likes Brian, but when I come around, she's obsessed, she lays by me the whole time, she follows my every move, she gets me to scratch her belly, she shows of her toys to me... TOO CUTE.  Anyway, this time around, Cordie seemed REALLY thrown for a loop.  She had significantly more accidents even while we went on short trips.  On Friday I opened to door too find she had number 2ed right in front of it (no, I did not step on it, but it did get smeared everywhere when I opened the door.

She was just not herself most of the weekend so Brian and I forewent the long bike ride and decided to do a bike trainer workout instead.  I did a little over 90 minutes on Sunday and left the door open so Cordie would know I was there.  She came up to double check (and triple and quadruple...) on me many times, and she must have been intrigued by the trainer because she came over to watch my feet.  Once she got a little too close and I accidentally stepped on her with the bike pedal :(  Needless to say, she was more snuggly than ever once I was finished.

Brian and I finally made a short trip out to Ikea to buy a chair for our house.  We thought Cordie would be fine considering we had just taken her out on a walk.  Well on return we not only found a little pee, but also a half eaten athletic watch.  yikes.  This is why I decided to take the day off today.  If she was going to eat a watch after a two hour stretch by herself, what would she do on Tuesday when neither Brian or I would be home for a full 9 hour stretch?  AND with 16 leave days left at my job (and no motivation to return to it next year) I thought taking the day off would be a no brainer.

Cordie in our new Ikea chair--perfectly her size!

I know one thing that Cordie loves to do is go on runs.  I have taken her several times, and some have been easier than others.  I did take her one on Friday, but t was dinner time and she hadn't eaten yet.  This time though, she was trotting behind me for much of the run.  In fact, I had to stop a few times to let her take a breather.  One thing we do have in common though is our hatred for running hills.  Its hilarious, as soon as the trail or sidewalk starts to slope up even the slightest she slows down like crazy.  Sometimes she even gives me this look like "you're kidding, right?"  Anyway, I think that being faster than a pit bull gives me bragging rights.  Especially when someone passes you and says "it looks like you're out running that dog!"  :)

I am still worried about Cordie.  I'm hoping that she gets back to normal with Jonah and Rachel being home.  Time will tell!  I did have fun while she was here, even though she did make some messes.  AND it gave me an excuse to take the day off!

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