Friday, March 23, 2012

Guess where I ran today!!!!

Here's a hint

Did you guess the Tidal Basin?  Ding ding ding!  You got it!

Because of the incredibly mild winter, the cherry blossoms peaked about two weeks early this year.  The weatherman said that the official peak day was Tuesday so I knew I had to get down to see them before they started to fade away.  There's a large chance of rain both Saturday and Sunday this weekend (seriously?!  PLEASE be nice enough for a ride tomorrow!!) so I took today's 45-60 minute run as an opportunity to go down to the Tidal Basin where all the Cherry Blossoms from Japan are planted.  

It took me exactly 26 minutes to get down to the new Martin Luther King Jr Memorial which leads into trail around the Tidal Basin (if you don't know DC, the Tidal Basin is also surrounded by the FDR Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and isn't far from Washington Monument).  I ran an additional minute or so past about 30 photographers--everyone else had the same idea I did--before I finally stopped to take a few pics of my own.  I took them with my Iphone so they're not the best quality, but the sky was absolutely perfect today so maybe that will make up for the phone quality :)

I just love the pink and purple sky with the
cherry blossoms flooding in the side of the picture!

What a bummer that I didn't have my fancy schmancy camera with me.  This picture is faboo!

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