Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Review

It was a very busy weekend of training!  It all started with a half day of work on Friday (WHOO HOO!!!! SPRING BREAK IS FINALLY HERE!!!).  I got in a 45 minute fartlek run (haha, it still gets me every time!) in the morning before work, and then I met Brian at the pool for a swim after the school day had finished.

We had swam the day before, but I wanted to make sure that we got 3 swimming workouts in this week.  Brian and I swam a mile.  I definitely feel like a mile is pretty easy now.  This is good considering our 1/2 Ironman swim is coming up in May.  I'm really hoping to come out of the water at the tri feeling like I just had a nice "warm up."  I like to think that the training was worth it, but all this swimming has torn me up--literally:
I have an inch cut right where my suit crosses my armpit!

Oh well... anyway, we felt so good that we went to Whole Foods afterwards and ate a delicious salad!  YUM!!  It was so wonderful and healthy that I had to take a picture: 
Anyway, Brian had to work Saturday so it was just me and the Frank at home.  I guess I was pretty excited about being on Spring Break because I woke up at ridiculous o'clock (6:40!!! UGH!!).  I wasn't ready to go out on a long run quite yet so I started priming the rest of the kitchen cabinets--it took me three hours, but I finally got the rest of the cabinets primed.  Of course, then I needed to eat something because it was already lunch time so I had a veggie burger and some sweet potato fries.  While I digested, I went shopping at TJ Maxx.  Another luxury of being on spring break :)  So finally at 2:00, I took off for a 90 minute run.  It would've been a great run if I didn't get caught up in the cherry blossom crowd down at the mall.  SWARMS of people!!  Too bad the cherry blossoms are all gone already--it was pretty funny to watch tourists take pictures of anything that still had a bud on it, even if it wasn't a cherry blossom tree.  

Today, Brian and I went out for a 50 mile ride with a 20 minute run afterwards.  We started a little later than usual, and we even drove all the way down to Waldorf, MD to get in a nice ride.  You can see our ride on this link.  For the most part it was a great ride--not too hot, not too cold, a little windier than we would've liked, but nothing crazy.  In fact, everything went great until we both kind of hit a wall around mile 40 (if you looked at the link, its a massive hill).  I think I was going 7 mph at one point.  I had a gel packet and continued and did fine all the way through the run, but that was the moment that Brian and I both decided we needed to manage our nutrition a little better.  Ok, a lot better.  

After the run we stopped at Checkers and got some fries, and then when we got home we ate this:
So much for being healthy! ha!  Ok, after a workout like that, I guess I can take the extra calories.  Anyway, we got home and pretty much crashed.  I decided we REALLY need to start getting more consistent with our long rides.  I know that the Ironman is not for another few months, but its really hard to gain endurance when you only ride long every few weeks.  Also, we just signed up for the MS Bike ride in June.  Look for more info on that in the future.  For now though, Franklin just about summed up the way we feel in this picture:

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