Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gearing Up!!

In two days from now I will be on my way to sunny Florida to race in the Haines City Half Ironman!!  While I'm totally pumped to drive down for Florida for a short time, I'm feeling a little bit nervous for the race.  The half is not a new distance for me, in fact, this one should be "easier" than the other two that I've done.  The swim is in a small lake so no big giant waves or frigid temps.  The bike ride is nearly flat.  The run is TOTALLY flat.  In theory it sounds like this race should be cake.  BUT the high on race day (Sunday) is 90!!  YIKES!  and the humidity is going to be pretty nasty too!

I think I'm actually more nervous for the fact that this race is a test of all my Ironman training thus far.  If I suck, what does that say about the last few months?!

Anyway, in preparation for the upcoming tri, I did a few key workouts and went on a shopping spree.

Starting with last weekend, I did a nice 10 mile run and a 50 mile ride (yes, I know I should've tapered a bit more, but I also have to keep training for the Bike MS ride coming up!) with Brian.  Today I did an easy 5 mile run and swam 2000m.  I plan on doing a few more easy workouts this week, but taking it easy until race day.  My workouts have me confident that I will finish the race.  Who knows how long this thing will take me, but at least I'll make it through.

And since when you look good, you feel good, I bought a few new things to help me out on the course.

First a few unseen items:
Perpetuem--a nutritional substitute that I will be using on the ride
Gator sunscreen: It claims to stay on for 8 hours!
New cleats!

Bento Box--nice little place to store all my nutrition during the ride

Aero bar water bottle for easy fueling
Oh yeah!  This is going to be soooo much better with all my new stuff!  And now for the new clothes :)

No, the shoes are NOT new, but the laces are.  Not only do they make me look like pretty awesome, but they also serve a purpose.  I won't have to worry about tying my shoes!  This seems like a big whoop, but it may shave a minute off my time since I'm paranoid about how tight my shoes are!

And although the picture looks red, these are actually BRIGHT PINK SOCKS!!!  Yes, I do believe they will make me go faster :)

And why would I get bright pink sock if I didn't have a PINK helmet to go along with it?!  I know, right?!  Haha.  I really did need a new helmet, and I figured, why NOT get a cool looking one?!  

I haven't yet decided exactly what I'm going to as far as my jersey is concerned, but I'll figure it out later.  Maybe I'll have to take a trip to the race expo to see if they have anything cool :)  

Anyway, I have a lot of stuff to do before I leave on Thursday, but if I don't check in before then, you can bet that I will have a full race report following the race!  Even if I don't do all that well, at least I'll look good :)  

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