Friday, November 11, 2011


Brian and I went on a 90 minute bike ride today in Rock Creek Park.  Its been cool, but today was the first time we've had bone chilling winds.  The temperature was in the mid to upper forties, but winds were gusting at and above 20mph.  To my surprise, I did pretty well--I kept a decent pace (well, I would've preferred faster, but it's a good start) of 17-18mph.  Brian didn't do too bad either--just a little behind me.  The unfortunate thing was that Brian bonked--he didn't realize how much fuel he would need to get him through the ride.  About an hour into the ride, I stopped to go to the bathroom.  Brian rode up and looked like he was going to have to start walking home.  I gave him the rest of my gatorade and managed to find two starbursts in my pocket.  It got him through another 20 minutes and then he still foggily finished the last 10.  He's discouraged, but really that's the longest ride he's ever taken so I don't think he should let it get him down!

I just hope that next ride I don't have massive winds on me the whole time.  I really want to go fast!!!

Day 6 week 1
Swim 2200k
Bike 59 mi
Run 9 mi

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