Thursday, December 29, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again!!

It's been almost 3 weeks, but don't worry Ironfans, WE'RE BACK!  Since the last time we blogged, Monica took almost 2 weeks off training (one right after the last blog and one the week of Christmas).  Its always tough to stay consistent during the holiday season--shopping, get togethers, cold weather, family time, short days... In addition, Monica got sick for about a week, and we both went home for Christmas.
While you were hanging in limbo, we finished up our swim class.  We got a chance to practice our new stroke in the 50m pool before we went to Columbus for the holidays.  We lost quite a bit of endurance (100m straight was tough!), but now can swim much faster and more efficiently.  Our goal is to boost up to 3000m by March--this will be a record distance for both of us!
We both ran a few double-digit runs (I make that sound harder than it was... 11 miles was our max so far).  Biking has been our biggest challenge because we both HATE the cold.  not hate, despise!  And biking in the cold is way worse than running in it.  If you run, imagine the windiest run you've ever gone on and multiply how cold that made you feel by 5.  No wonder our friend Ben had a giant package of toe warmers in his apartment.  I still can't feel my toes from the ride we went on 6 hours ago!
Speaking of, it was a nice (did I mention cold?!) 35 miles in Greenbelt/Bowie area.  It was nice to burn off some of the holiday eating we've done.  Brian maybe should've eaten another Gu though because he was basically hallucinating by the end.  We finished the ride and went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch--YUM!  Nothing like a good chicken wing to help recover for a tough ride!
We'll include the totals at the bottom, but note that there may be some guesswork--we have to think really hard about what we did in the early part of this month!

click here to see our bike ride!

Week 8 day 4
Swim 7400m
Bike 262 miles
Run 131 miles

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