Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It's raining cats and dogs outside. Some might tell me, "toughen up and go outside!" but I have a feeling that might be the straw that breaks the camel's back in my immune system. Life has been busier than ever. Two days a week I get to Tenleytown at 8 am and then don't leave until 8:30pm. The other three days a week, I'm fighting misinformed or cautious coaches, progress reports, student-athletes who have fallen behind in various subjects, bills, an incompetent university, and finally holiday shopping. I've done my best not to let training get put on the backburner. So today as it pours outside, I am moderately pedaling my bike on my indoor trainer as I catch up my 3 fans on my blog (let's be honest, I need to publicize this thing a little more).
Last week was a brutal one-- sleep over powered 2 days. Once, the snooze button was way too attractive and the other I just missed the alarm entirely. I still managed two short bricks, a 5 mi run, a swim class, two races (15k and 5k), and an hour ride at Haines point. As I write, I realize that sounds like a lot more, but I was upset about the length of my long run and ride. This week, I've gone on a 6 mile run, done a swim class and biked 50 minutes. Training might be the only thing keeping me sane right now, even if finding time can be a stressor in itself. To be honest, I can't ever understand how people live without some "distraction" hobby. Whether its a run, a yoga class, an art class, or even a book club, everyone needs that extra something (video games and TV don't count). Everyone has days where life seems monotonous, chaotic, or is simply too damn hard. How do people without a passion/escape keep from going insane?!
So while I realize there could be better methods of training this morning, climbing on my bike in my living room seems like just enough to help me keep a level head today. ... Now I'm going to finish this blog and get a little on line shopping in while I do the last half of my ride :)


Week 5 day 3
Swim 5400m + change
Bike 184mi
Run 83mi

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  1. Aren't there videos out there of scenic rides from the cyclists pov?