Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

On the schedule for today was a 2-3 hour ride and a 15 minute run.  Our first long brick!  Uhh ohhh!!!  We opted for a shorter ride--35 miles in Prince George's County, MD.  Mostly because we were lazy in trying to look for a new ride, but also because the National Marathon was going on downtown so it was going to be hard to navigate around DC to get to any other side of the beltway.

Anyway, we went out fairly early and the weather was PERFECT!  I promise, I made sure to wear green :)  I was wearing a short sleeved jersey, tri shorts, and arm bands.  Brian, however, wore a long sleeved shirt, long sleeved jersey, and two layers of shorts... oh and gloves.  Did I mention it was gorgeous out?  it was like 60 degrees at 9AM.  Anyway, we did the 35 mile ride in about 2:06 which is not that great, BUT we did have to stop a few too many times from Brian to adjust his clothing, stop lights, eat a gu... whatever.  Anyway, we made good timing in transition so near 11AM we took off on foot.

AND THEN I REMEMBERED WHY THEY CALL IT A BRICK!!!  As I took off my legs and lungs were burning.  Did I mention that I was also running up a hill too?!  UGH!  The first five minutes were the WORST!  I finally settled into a somewhat comfortable pace for the last 10 minutes and finally the workout was complete :)

Brian and I were equally starved after the workout so we went about a block away to Elevation Burger in Hyattsville, MD.  We had some delicious veggie burgers!!!  (did I mention that we gave up meat and animal products for Lent?  more on that in another post)

Then we came home worked on the house for a little bit, and then made our way down to get some St. Patrick's Day libations from our local bar, Boundary Stone.  We were so depleted that both of us felt a little tipsy after one beer.

I hope you got  chance to go outside today and enjoy the beautiful weather! ...and perhaps have a St. Patrick's Day drink of your own :)

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