Monday, March 5, 2012

My Inner Monologue

I can't be certain, (because I'm not everyone else), but I have to believe that I'm not the only one who has a very busy brain when I run.  I mean, my mind is pretty much non-stop with ten different thoughts going on at any given time, but this gets amplified when I go out on a run.  I thought I'd share with you what I was thinking about during my run today (most workouts follow this sort of thought pattern).

I'll give you a little bit of info to set the scene.  Today is a Saturday so I'm off, but Brian is working today (he's a firefighter so he has a rotating schedule).  When I woke up this morning it was raining, but the forecast called for sunny skies and 60 degrees (yay!) so I decided to wait on my run.  I also had a haircut planned for 12:00 so I wanted to go after that.  Lastly, we still have SOO much work to do on the house so I like to get what I can get done on the weekends.  After getting my haircut, doing house projects, and running some errands (I didn't even eat lunch until a quarter to 3!), I FINALLY went out to run at 4:00.

Before I start the monologues, I have to introduce the "characters."
Happy-go-lucky (HGL) Monica--this is the Monica that most of you all know.  Positive, hard working, happy
"Mon"ster--this is the mean and nasty side that gets annoyed at just about anything
ADD Monica--this is the off-track side that thinks about a million things at once
Math Monica--this side of me is calculating pace, keeping track of time, estimating mileage, ...

One more note, I was supposed to go for an hour and a half (usually a little over 12 miles based on my normal pace).

(Door closes and the run begins)
HGL--ahh finally, what a nice day for a run!
"Mon"ster--ugh, why did Quency (my hair stylist) cut bangs in my hair, they're already getting in my face!
ADD--well they don't call it "BANG SALON" for nothing (the name of the salon I go to). hahaha
all--ha ha good one
"Mon"ster--ugh even the bobby pin isn't working
ADD--wonder if they just painted that house, I never noticed that one before
HGL--downhill. nice.  I hope its a good day down at the mall!
"Mon"ster--I wish we didn't live on the top of a hill, I hate finishing by running up a hill.
HGL--whatever, its good for you.  There will be hills at ironman
ADD--"we could have had it alllllllll, cuttin in the deeeeeeep." (adele song)
Math--7:21- one mile in and 11 to go!
"Mon"ster--oh man, really?  My PB&J is not settling.  I really don't want to do the full 90 minutes.... maybe I'll just do an hour
ADD--"We could have had it alllllll, cuttin in the deeeeeep."  I already sang that part
HGL--No, I can this!  90 minutes is like nothing now!
"Mon"ster--exactly, so why is it a big deal if I cut out early since my stomach is not doing well.
HGL--because your stomach is going to be upset in the ironman without a doubt so this is good training
"Mon"ster--umm no, that terrible, you need to be smarter with nutrition
(at this point I was very close to the Capital Building)
HGL--ohh you're right, this stomach issue is gonna make for a rough run, better go towards the bathroom
ADD-yeah don't want to finish the run with "brown" pants.  Eww that was gross when I saw the girl that pooped herself at the race a few years ago... ohh cute shoes! (while a tourist passed).
HGL--I'm impressed, I wore like the perfect outfit today!  What great weather for a run.  I hope all spring is like this!
"Mon"ster--I'm skeptical, I think its going to make for a hell of a summer--I don't need record breaking heat this year.  I'll die on the Ironman then.
Math--15 minutes in--approximately 2 miles into my run
HGL--2 miles already?
"Mon"ster--oh man, how much longer?
HGL--quit whining, I'll just do 10.
"Mon"ster--and I can't even go the route I wanted because there's no bathrooms there
HGL--The Mall will be nice today
ADD-I can't wait to get back to my curtains!  What project should I do next?
(a few minutes later)
ADD--oh that tourist has cute shoes!
"Mon"ster--ugh so many people on the sidewalk!
Math--let's see, if I go down to Hains Point, that'll take about 8 minutes from here, and then I'll have to do another 10 minutes around the Point before I turn around.  Sounds good.
HGL--Great.  I think the point will be nice today :)
(later on)
Math--5 more minutes--I should be able to get to Lincoln and T St NE by then
HGL--wow, I actually still feel pretty good!  maybe I should just do 90 minutes after all!
"Mon"ster--HA no--I'm spent.  Plus, you have 25 more weeks of training left before Ironman and you've done like 5 90 minute runs since Christmas... its not like you need more proof that you can run 90 minutes.
HGL--ok ok fine.  Let's just get back to the house.  You have to admit it was a good run though!
ADD--yesss.  can't wait to get back to my curtains.... and then I can paint a wall.   Wonder what I should blog about.  "We could have had it alllllll..."

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  1. Love this post! Brilliant HGL, "Mon"ster, ADD and Math.