Monday, April 16, 2012

A Little Extra Motivation

I think I've complained a number of times about how I just can't seem to get a good streak of long workouts going.  This is true especially with bike rides.  If Brian and I get two weekends of long bike rides in a row, that's a victory!  Whether its a busy weekend or the weather fails us, 3+ hours bike rides don't always work.  The problem is not necessarily rainy days or the packed weekends, its more so our inability to boost our mileage.  I mean, we have all summer right?!  I won't even really be working over the summer (cha-ching!!)!!  So in efforts to have some extra motivation we decided to go above and beyond the 1/2 Ironman race that we're doing in May, and we added the MS Bike Ride to our event schedule.

Before I continue, I have to give all credit to Fabien because he was the one who invited us to join the event (it's not a race).  Not only does this ride force us to , it's also for a VERY good cause--did I mention that I'm a sucker for athletic events for charity?!  So thank you Fabien for roping me in this time (yes, I know it was easy).
...and I did!

Here are the details: On Saturday, June 9th we will take off from the National Harbor on a 100 mile journey that ends right back where we started.  Sounds hefty, huh? Well get this--then the next day, we hop back on our bikes and ride another 50 miles!!!  Pretty crazy, I know, but it's all for a good cause.  Money that I raise through my fundraising page goes to the National MS Society!

Not only will this ride help me to boost up my training (yes, I have my selfish reasons too), but it will also help a group of people who have a disease that among MANY other symptoms, often makes it hard to move normally (you can read more about what MS is, symptoms, and treatment here).  I know I get pretty beat up from the training that I do, but I can't imagine what it must be like to live with a disease that affects, among many other thing, movement.  I'm hoping that my ride and fundraising makes some sort of difference in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis whether through more research or support of someone who has the disease.

Having a purpose like this behind my training will definitely give me that extra motivation to push harder on the bike.  In fact, Brian and I took a 60 mile ride (plus 20 minute run) this past weekend!  It was actually a lot better than we both expected.  Now we're gearing up to do a 65-70 mile ride this weekend and we're PRAYING that it doesn't rain at least one of the days this weekend (OF COURSE its in the forecast).

Anyway, if you would like to donate to my fundraising page, you can do so through this link:

No donation is too small!  Thank you for supporting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society--I know you did too because you're such a great person ;)

Totals (I didn't forget!)
Swim: 18,000 meters
Bike: 334 miles
Run: 100 miles

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