Sunday, May 6, 2012

the past two weeks in a few short paragraphs!

Don't worry, we're still training!

In fact, it was a crazy week of training followed by another crazy week of training!

The week before last, Brian and I got in two 2000 meter swims, two 45 minute runs, a bike trainer brick, and a workout of 80 minutes.  Our weekend got screwed!  On Saturday, I chaperoned 5 high school football players on a trip to New York City to see the NFL Draft--I think I would've preferred a nice long bike ride!  Just kidding.  The draft was pretty much awesome, and the kids were on their best behavior (they're high schoolers, so take that how you want).  Sunday, the weather was crappy so I just chilled out.  

This week has been great!  Besides the fact that I still have to work at the school (boooooo), training went really well.

Monday: Brian and I swam 2000m at Wilson.

Tuesday: I ran 7 miles on the treadmill at school (at least there's one good thing about working at the school!)

Wednesday: I did a 90 minute bike ride on the trainer.  I was going to do a brick workout with a 70 minute ride and 20 minute run, but I was too roped into the episode of Once Upon a Time to get off the bike :) haha

Thursday: I ran 45 minutes in Rock Creek Park before work

Friday: Brian and I swam 60 laps at the Wilson pool in the 25 yd configuration--I think thats over 1.5 miles, but I'm not quite sure how far that is.

Saturday: We did our loooooong ride with a 15 minute run at the end.  We had planned for 70 miles, but it ended up 68.4 miles.  We added on 10 miles to the 60 mile ride we did a few weeks back, but forgot to add a little extra for the time we got lost.  Oh well.  Anyway, the ride went well for the most part, but my nutrition was off.  By the last hour, I pretty much just got angry.  I think my sugar was soooooo low that I turned into a major crab.
When we finished up all I could think of was that I just wanted a gatorade.  I drove to the nearest seven 11 and got mad that I had to stand in a line.  The nerve of all these people wanting something at a convenient store!  Don't they know I need to restore my carbs and rehydrate?!  haha
Then, of course, I snapped at Brian while we walked Franklin around the block.  I had a snack and then slept for an hour, but I STILL didn't return to normal until I ate half a pizza.  Yep, seriously, half a pizza.  Needless to say, I better do MUCH better job fueling myself for the ironman or someone will get their head bit off!

Sunday:  Today, I lounged around for a bit in the morning but then went out for 1 hour 40 minute run.  It went well after I realized that I should NOT expect myself to run my typical pace the day after a long bike ride.  Duh.  Its really hard to let go of my "regular" pace, but I reminded myself that Ironman is NOT a running race, its a multisport event, and running is the last leg.  I can't expect to PR on the marathon after 112 miles of riding and 2.4 miles of swimming.  The run ended well, and then I ate a giant burrito bowl at chipotle.

As much as I really love eating, its getting really hard to adjust to the amount of calories that I need on a daily basis while training for Ironman.  I'm thinking about just carrying peanut butter in my purse.  HA  Just kidding.  But I do have to figure something out soon before my workouts go from long to ridiculous!

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